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So, yeah...What happened on the hillclimb is I took a different line than HF, mostly because I couldn't see that far up and that's just where I ended up. It's a left-hander into a steeper rock section and I wheelied a bit going over the transition. I was doing fine grinding up the rocks on the seat but saw HF was filming, so I stupidly stood up to "style it" the last 100ft, but it was so steep that the move tossed me into a major wheelie and I looped out on the side of the trail and ended up upside down in the brush. HF missed that shot, with the ADV salute and gas leaking out of the bike... So glad I had a lot of armor on because those dead trees were sharp!

If I had just stayed on the seat I would have made it up no problem. Ah well...

The net result is I sprained my left wrist so the ride down was done gingerly, so HF's video is me being pretty clumsy.

Once back at camp my wrist was hurtin', but we ate some grub, HF was that your trailside Beef Bourguignon?? ... and hit the sack.


I awoke at some very early AM call of "Clif! Clif!" from HF's hammock 50ft away

I say "Unhh Whaaa!??" groggily

HF says "There's a bear!" or something like that.

That woke me up! Then he says "he's coming your way"

Hmm, I starting thinking fast in my little tent, what could I make noise with? I remembered my car keys in a pocket in the tent... grabbed them and pushed the "panic" button on the back of it. My Subaru then exploded with flashing lights and blaring horns and I could hear Mr. Bear right next to my tent go tearing off into the tree's. That took him by surprise!

We both got up and wandered around camp a bit with headlamps to let the adrenaline wear off. HF said all he could see was the bears legs from under his hammock rainfly and the bear was apparently pushing on his trailer door 10ft away (probably smelling the sausage and bacon locked up in there), after he had tossed the outside water jugs around a bit first.

Soon we wound down then off to snooze land again.

Sorry, no pix of all that, it was dark.
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