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1) That was Beef Stroganoff a-la-Monty, camp-made from scratch. More filling....Tastes great.

2) I said, "we have a visitor....a big one....and he's coming your way"

It was about 2:00 am and I was sleeping good, enjoying instant replays of Cyborg's aerial performance on my big screen.

I snapped awake at hearing a most distinct sound. There is a round master lock on my rear trailer door about 5 ft. high. It makes a unique (metal on metal) when it rocks against the door. I've heard it numerous times while sleeping in my trailer. Moving around inside makes that lock tap on the door (drives me nuts). So, my eyes shot open immediately when I heard the lock bouncing.

Again and again it would tap the door...ever so faintly, but so distinct. I knew beyond a shadow of doubt, somebody or something was messing with my trailer.

The Hennessey Hammock is a cool setup with many neat features. Most comfy thing I ever slept in, by the way. Another fine influence from my good buddy, Monty. Anyway, I can turn on my side and the hammock swings back a bit to lower my view under the edge of the rainfly. I can do this effortlessly in total silence. As soon as I did, I saw four big hairy legs in the moonlight behind my trailer (approximately 10 ft. away. Then only two Back to four feet.

A big boar was at the rear door standing up on hind legs to get a better sniff. The movement against the trailer door was swinging that And/or he was wiggling it with his nose or paws. He poked around a bit and then appeared to be coming my way. That's when I called "CB....Hey CB....we have a visitor." Calmly but firmly to wake him up, but also let the bear know I was there. And well, you know the rest of the story.

We've both experienced similar encounters before. We're not the panicky type. This one was a neat encounter, as it turned out. I got to watch him for a while....maybe 5 minutes, before I made some noise. He was quiet as a mouse, except for that trailer lock bouncing. That's the way it usually is. You'll rarely hear any noise from a bear, even if he is eating you. But, you sure can smell one, when its only 5 ft away.

Neither one of us had any trouble going right back to sleep. The mission was only a few hours away. Come morning....we finally start climbing the Rainbow. What a glorious day it will be!

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