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Down the road a short distance and we turn South to head down the lower portion of the Rainbow Trail from Hayden. HF had never been more than a few miles on this trail in the past and I had never ridden it, so we didn't know what we are getting into, with luggage strapped on the back of dirtbikes.

Let the fun begin!

The trail starts up the mountainside to climb up a few thousand feet to some meadows

Doesn't get much nicer than this!

We then come across a feature we were to run into many, many times on this trail, the "cubbyhole". This was a milder one:

They were where the trail crossed a steep gulley on the mountainside and often off camber down the hill and some were downright sketchy. If you messed up on some of these, you and your bike could slide hundreds of feet down the chute.

You had to plan mini-wall-of-death bank-riding turns around some of them, fun stuff! They usually were at the botton of a long downhill trail then climbed right steeply up the mountainside again. Pictures were usually on easier sections since we had to keep momentum going on the longer and often brutal rocky climbs we encountered over and over. It was hard work on a lot of it and slow going.

Here was HF on the exit of a more scenic cubby hole

My turn

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