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Originally Posted by Red Dust View Post
Test rode the XTZ with my Ms today.
All good: Beautiful bike, enough power, very good brakes even on dirt roads, did not mind the traction control even if it stopped wheelies (got my other bikers for that), seat felt good, pillion was happy and noted better suspension than the DL.

Dislikes: Handlebar vibes! Not good but having said that the DL had also some minor in the beginning plus I rode with racing gloves but still it will be a big minus in my book.
The average fuel consumption was 8.2 litres per 100 km`s (according to the onboard computer) which is way higher than the DL even if I would trash the Strom.
Turbulence from the screen is bad but not as bad as the Strom before I removed the screen,can be rectified.
Would I buy it? If I can be convinced that the vibes can be rectified and I can get a very good deal maybe I will trade the DL but at the moment, no.
Thanks for all the input, I might buy the "big" Yamaha one day but not yet.
Vibes: I didn't like them on the S10 when I first got it, but the Wee I had before it was worse in this area. I put on some grip puppies and it reduced the vibe significantly. After 10,000 kms, they are barely noticable on the S10.
Fuel consumption: For the same given riding conditions, the S10 chews about 0.5l/100kms more than the Wee at speeds less than 100 kph and about the same or less above that speed, all for a whole lot more poke.
Turbulence: Out of the box, there is a bit of buffeting but, like with the Wee, easily fixed with a Madstad-like bracket

Mind you, all my comparisons are with a 2006 Wee. I believe that the 2012 Wee is better in all these areas. If I was budget conscious and buying again, I'd certainly consider a 2012 Wee, or a Versys 1000 for a bit of extra poke and TC.
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