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Originally Posted by RedRocket View Post
Quite a shakeup in qualifying. Anybody actually watch it?
Yeah. Watched Friday Prac 2 as well. The commentators basically predicted today. Friday's rain made today's set-up almost complete guesswork, which allowed unexpected teams to creep up.

If Maldonado hadn't been his usual unprofessional self, he'd be starting third. What a dunce. Interesting that Kimi put all four off the track at Eau Rouge and despite all the FIA's stern warnings before the summer break, he was allowed to get away with it.

It's going to be a hellacious start to the race. Kimi will be desperate to get to the front, I would imagine. If he gets there, he might stay there. Alonso is sandwiched between guys who make kamikaze moves, namely Maldonado and Koboyashi, with Hamilton up his butt. Could be some plastic on the track in turn one.

Commentators said teams mostly shelved their updates because they couldn't practice with them in the dry. I guess that will add to the unpredictability of Monza.

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