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I gotta welding question...

Have a late model XR1200 Sportster converted to a dual dual purpose hack. Lots of fun off-road, but I gotta start buying clutches by the 6-pack...Done all I can with countershaft and rear wheel sprockets. Need to work on crank and clutch basket sprocket sizing.

Bummer for me: While the XR primary system (using a 3 row chain) is pretty much a clone of a Buell XB, NO ONE makes crank sprockets other than stock 34T (US) or 38T (Europe) for the XR, and a 35 is available for the Buell.

I figure a 30T would be just about right. But the only way I can see to do it is to get a 30T made for an earlier Sportster, and then weld/machine a new inner spline hub from an XR donor sprocket. While I have a Miller MIG and putz with little stuff like saddlebag mounts, my skills mainly consist of being able to burn a hole in just about anything...

All I am looking to find out is: Is this project doable? Welding hardened steel used in this stressed rotational/shear environment? I assume some pre and maybe post heat treatment would be required? Or should I be looking for a machinist to make me something from scratch?

Thanks in advance.
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