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Glad to hear you were having a 'great day' Steve....cause I'd really wouldn't want to hear your thoughts if you were actually having a bad day.

I think all R12 was referring to was that after one or two unanswered emails a phone call 'might' have helped determined what, if any, action Dave was prepared to do. I"m sure I would have started out with an email to Dave as well, but if after the first or even the second went unanswered I would be calling him to see if he was even receiving the emails....
Apparently you don't agree with that, and that's ok too. You just might consider holding back on your insulting accusations about someone being 'completely wrong' because they do not share your vision of what procedure is the acceptable way to deal with a problem. I happen to to agree with R12, (as did a lot of others who have posted here, including jd) that a phone call might have helped resolve this problem.....but then again I live near 'Ottawa fucking Ontario' maybe it's a regional thing.
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