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Originally Posted by HickOnACrick View Post
Check your ground wires. Make sure there is a clean connection to whatever they are grounded to. No rust, no dust. Is it all your electrics or just some? If it is all, and they don't share a common ground, then the problem might be at the stator, battery, or rectifier - I think the XR has some sort of rectifier/voltage regulator that the current passes through from the stator, before it gets to the battery. That could be fried if it is all your electrics that are messing up.
I'm psyched to attempt to make this repair and claim some of that reward...

Hick seems right on the money there and that is one more point, could be the stator as well making its way out. The Walrus had (has?) one lying around that was home-built rewound that I was going to put into my XR but never got around to it. It'll need a little soldering but would work and get you the extra amps...
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