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Like I posted earlier I had noticed my volts had suddenly dropped from the 14.1-14.3 range to 13.4-13.8 while riding. This was the day after I had come home from a 2K mile trip. The last day of the trip was spent on the freeway making time in the 80-85mph range for several hundred miles. Wonder if that contributed to the stators demise.

I have another trip planned in a couple weeks so instead of waiting for it to completely crap out I wanted to replace it sooner rather than later. There is no way I'm paying BMW's bloated price so I ordered a Ric's stator. I was hoping it would arrive before this long weekend but it won't arrive until Tuesday.

I didn't want to ride the GS with it not charging properly and my K bike needs a back tire that I haven't gotten around to ordering yet. So since I have nothing to ride I decided this morning to go ahead and pull the stator off of the GS. Compared to most of the pictures I have seen of stators pulled out of the F bikes mine likes great. It doesn't work right, but it isn't all burned up either. I am positive that is only because I have had a volt meter on my bike since it was new and noticed immediately the change in charging volts.

Heres some pic's of my not yet crispy stator.

The only pieces that had come off of the stator.

This is the only visible damage I can see. The coating burned off one coil.

And just in case someone is wondering what kind of voltmeter I have been using its this. An Escort Passport 8500 X50 set to voltmeter. Thats right the Escort is only a voltmeter and I never ever use it as a radar detector.

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