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Labor Day Weekend

I guess this is why they call it labor day. Instead of doing fun things on the day off we'll be working on our house.

With the temporary decking in place for the middle level slab we put down the tubing for the radiant heat. Between the zip ties in the ICFs (we tie every corner) and the zip ties in all 3 slabs, we're pushing 3000 of those things. I dream about zip ties. I can tie them while blindfolded with two hands tied behind my back.
From September 2, 2012

Hey look! This is gonna be better than an out house!
From September 2, 2012

And then we poured the slab. You tube time lapse video to follow. I like this video better; my wife is working on it right now. We had my wife and her father to help with this slab, which made things easier than the basement slab. One more slightly smaller slab to go!
From September 2, 2012

Later that afternoon the slab was cured enough to walk on, so we started building the walls and placing door and window bucks.
From September 2, 2012

And the walls grew.
From September 2, 2012

And now they're ready to pour. The ICF guy told me that behind his own ICF house, ours is the most complex he's done. He said most people he's worked for think simple- rectangles and small windows. To get around the main part of our house we have 10 corner pieces and 2 "T's." We also have 3 different ceiling heights on the main level to work with, and two parts of it don't go up to the 3rd story. He said he figures 1 man hour for every 3 ICF blocks. This includes building them, placing rebar, setting bracing, pouring, and taking down bracing. We have just under 800 blocks in this structure, so think 270 man hours to build this shell- not including the steel truss flooring system on 2 levels, the basement slab, and the footings (LOTS of steps and two separate footing pours). Here's what it looks like now:
From September 2, 2012

So we've got one more floor system to assemble, run the heat tubing, build some knee walls for the top story and we'll be ready to hand this over to the GC to put a roof on it and finish it up. I can't wait! I've had enough of this and we're nowhere near done! Probably just too much going on right now. And my wife is a Saint for putting up with me.

And who needs two excavators anyways?
From September 2, 2012
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