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Originally Posted by Ragin Rabbi View Post
I'll take the unpopular viewpoint i.e. Grosjean, it was a racing incident. Unfortunate, but hardly deserving of a ban. Possibly a grid spot penalty or some such, but not a ban.

He pushed, had a nose plus ahead, and missed the fact that he placed Hamilton's front tire between his front and rear. Is it fortunate that it didn't end in more then busted up cars? Of course.

BUT, it was just after the start, everyone is jockeying for position, their hair is on end, and this is the result.

As far as some saying he is reckless and this is par for the course with him, I must be living in the twilight zone, because I felt that he (outside of some rookie mistakes) has done pretty bloody well for himself thus far....

There, someone had to be contrary to everyone else....
I think you're pretty much spot-on.
It was unfortunate, but a racing incident.
10 grid spot penalty sure. Ban? too harsh. I think the F in F1 still stands for Ferrari in this case.
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