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Originally Posted by mac66 View Post
Yeah, city park. Yeah they could shut it down. Does the city care, probably not. The city abandoned most of the city parks decades ago. It is in an area of the city that nobody goes to and no one cares about. Think giant abandoned lot overgrown and full of junk mostly obscured from the street. Think of the TV show 'After People.'

The city of Detroit is not like most cities. You only go to the parks to buy drugs or get robbed. It is also the most dysfunctional city in America. The only way they will care if someone in administration can make a buck off it, or it makes them look bad. Eventually someone will get hurt or killed screwing around on the track. Or it will attract the neighborhood thugs and someone will get shot and they will shut it down. In the mean time it is the hip place to ride.
I have been following a ride report where the author went to Detroit during his trip. He had a very interesting perspective and took a lot of pics of the abandoned parts of the city. The link is here for anyone ineterested. Start at post #335

I knew Detroit was bad but this report still surprised me.
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