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Re-set the Trax pannier boxes (at long bloody last).

WOW - I would'nt have thought but it's been 4 months to the day since I posted here.
In my own defense though I have been very busy on a number of different projects (non of them ADV bike oriented) so my energy has been focused elsewhere.

On with the story....

Dont get me wrong, I love the S.W.Motech Trax product, but I.M.H.O they completely fu@ked up when they designed the frames to locate the position of these boxes on the Super Tenere...

1 - The boxes sit too low = WAY TOO LOW !!!... Low to the point that, god forbid someone is stupid enough to punt a fully loaded S10 into any sort of soft'ish stuff, they run the risk of leaving an ankle and half a leg (from mid tibia/fibula down) dragging under the box with any sort of "foot-on-ground" work.

2 - These frames were designed for 37ltr L/H (exh side) box and 45ltr R/H box... I wanted 37ltr both sides so you end up with a cock-eyed looking setup with the right box close in, and the left box out to clear the muffler.

3 - The boxes dont sit straight in line on the bike. For reasons only the designer would know, the boxes both sit angled along the length of the bike = The leading edges of both boxes are outboard considerably compared to the rear. The right box more so than the left.

4 - Did I say they SIT SO LOW THEY LOOK UGLY?

Anyway, I have very rarely used this luggage since getting it as I believe they SIT SO LOW THEY LOOK UGLY and had always planned on doing this re-positioning mod.
With Fathers day yesterday my wife says "why dont you go up to the shed and tool around/chill for the day".
I have been thinking about this mod particularly in the last couple of weeks as myself and a group of friends are planning our 3 day SouthWest of Western Australia "freedom tour" in two months from now and I will prolly end up being the pack mule for the bunch, so with the prompting from the wife, up to the shed I went for the day..

This pic shows the normal location of the boxes, with the right hand box installed as a set up guide for for and aft positioning..

I cut all the mounting arms of the left side box frame,

and set up a board across the seat to temporarily fasten the left side box in position allowing a nice close relationship with the muffler.

I then cut and tack welded the support tubes in place to be able to remove the temporary straps and support board so that I could repeat the procedure for the right hand box.

You can see the dramatic difference in height (100mm or 4") between the location from original and modified.

Both support frames now sit very much higher to the point where they dont even look too bad when riding without the boxes on.

The end result = Balanced width from side to side + up at a safe/good looking height + true along the centre line of the bike.

Looks a lot nicer in my opinion (and thats all that matters here).

All in all I am thoroughly pleased with this modification...
Just got to weld it up and powdercoat it now and we are ready for the freedom tour 2012..

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