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I like this one!

I like this. I don't know how it would do on a sticker but it would make a cool tshirts.

Originally Posted by Guy Young View Post
I still like something based on this theme with it being a little more abstract. The Poe caricature certainly centers this immediate group around the general Richmond Area..... and I think that was the original intent.... which is not to say all are not welcome. I think to specify a broad Area Code such as 804 opens it up well beyond what "we" were trying to portray. Obviously, ALL are welcome to join this merry band.

The MOB tire, to me, is too sanitary, i.e., boring..... even filled in and/or with a bunch of mud dripping off of it. To me, the "mud" implies a limited audience of off-roaders, which all of "us" are not; ADV is much more than that.

Again, those are my thoughts and I won't be providing any more commentary on the finalized logo. Ya'll do what ya are gonna do. Personally, I'm just gonna hook up for a Friday lunch meet with whomever shows up.

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