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More Day 3

Here is a better map of the route we took. The first map I posted was just an approximation and didnít have the correct way points. This map also appears to show in gray the route I took from Manitoulin Island through Michigan and to home. I did not even know my GPS (a Zumo 220) would record where I went. The route to Manitoulin Island was up loaded into the GPS from Donís computer. So to get a photo of the route we took I uploaded it into my computer from the GPS. The gray just showed up when I uploaded the route from my GPS. It also uploaded all the other custom routes that are in the GPS on the same map but I just deleted the other ones. I love being able to do custom routes on a GPS and the other benefits of using a GPS, but I still have a lot to learn

On northern Manitoulin Island there is a one lane swing bridge to get onto the Island.

Manitoulin Island is the largest fresh water island in the world. We were told this by probably half a dozen people when they heard we were going to Manitoulin Island. The swing bridge takes you right into the town of Little Current where we stopped at the Anchor Inn and had lunch on their patio. Don had a peameal bacon cheese burger. I have never heard of peameal bacon outside of Canada. It is a cured pork loin with a cornmeal coating. Sorry, no photo of the peameal bacon cheese burger.

You could see the Yorktown, a 257 foot long cruise ship that travels the St. Lawrence Seaway and the Great Lakes, docked from where we were eating lunch. Not a real good photo as I was trying to get the name so I could look it up when I got home. I also have a lot to learn regarding taking photos for a ride report.

Here are some photos of Bridal Veil Falls which is on Manitoulin Island. This is a neat water fall that you can walk underneath. There were a number of people swimming at the base of the falls.

Here are a couple of pictures of me behind the falls.

We spend the rest of the day riding around the island. I didnít take many photos, but here is one of a cafe and then a photo of boats that I took from the tower at the top of the cafe.

We took our time and enjoyed the day. We put on 182 miles for the day. I think we both decided that we actually enjoyed the ride to the island more than the island itself. But we still enjoyed the island.

Don was going to take the ferry the next day from South Baymouth on the south end of Manitoulin Island to the Canadian mainland. So we got a motel that evening right across the street from where the Chi Cheemaun ferry docks.
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