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Originally Posted by AK Oldman View Post
My hands get extremely dry, particularly in low humidity climates, and the ends of my fingers and thumbs split open on me. I use super glue to hold the split closed. It works very well on minor cuts as well.
New Skin, available in the first-aid isle next to the tape in my local drugstore, works basically the same way without being dangerously nasty-sticky. Paint it on, and it fills in the cracks and does a not too bad a job at covering things up. It wears off by the end of the day. If you want to remove it, just paint more on (it's its own solvent) and wipe off. I pretty much use it every day. A while back, I nicked a finger in the shop... stupid wipe against a cotter pin that was way too sharp. It tore up the skin pretty good. I slapped some New Skin on (stung like hell), wrapped it in a bandage, and forgot about it. A few days later, when the bandage fell off, there was a lump of living skin sticking up... you know, a bit of that torn stuff that usually dies and falls off. Damn New Skin worked too well, kept that alive. It took a few days of trimming to nibble it back town to flush. The little 30mil bottle I picked up has lasted months. I'm sold on it.

In the shop, I've taken to taping my fingers up with cloth tape, again, from the first-aid isle. I run a strip of it out, hanging from above, and snip off a little section to cover the tip of a finger, then a longer section to wrap around it. I usually do 2 fingers and a thumb on each hand... the ones prone to cracking. I do this before they crack, pretty much every time I'm in the shop now. It only takes a minute to put on, and take off, and it works. Not particularly expensive either. Peeling the tape off at the end of shop-day leaves my fingertips the cleanest part of my hands... a little weird but after the hand cleaner, I don't have the under-nail, impossible to clean stains I used to get. The only problem is if you get into a lot of oils or solvents as it can turn the adhesive into goop. Hand cleaner deals with it, regular soap... not so good.

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