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Originally Posted by BrendaP View Post
I had a brief run with that during grad school. What worked for me was some combo of two things: 1) I totally monkeyed with my schedule, which I kicked off with a 4-day trip during which time I kept busy, and 2) I started kickboxing 4 days a week. If kickboxing isn't your thing, maybe running? Last year I got my body acclimated to the shock of running using free podrunner interval training MP3 downloads.

I hope you kick it soon!
Thanks Brenda.. for this and your PM too.

While I'm not beyond kicking the beejesus out of something (customers excluded), I find that the physical stuff I do out here is not physical enough.... even tho' I am on my feet 10-12 hours a day Kinda like the ACE commercial about the purple, not being purple enough. The flip side of that was when I had a real job. While not being terribly physical, there was a lot of daily stress and mental activity that had me drained at the end of the day. Oddly enough, I never worried about any of that once I got home and it never kept me from getting a good, sound sleep.... even tho' there were schedules that were running behind and I knew I had to chew ass the next day to get things moving.

Regardless thank you. We'll figure it out.

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