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Shibby and Achile:

Thanks for the information - when I took the stator cover off to check things out (and check the valves) I was a bit surprised at the appearance and quality of the windings. That's why I initially thought it was some kind of home-brew re-wind. But it does appear to be exactly the same as the one that you have Achile.

I had a look at my Honda service manual and it lists the US spec'd version at 55w and the Australian spec'd version at 75w. Now, I'm not all that experienced with these things, but I DO know that I've got a helluva lot more windings on my stator than the US version for only a 20w increase. So, perhaps there is some sort of typo there in the manual or perhaps Honda did in fact offer this thing with a bit more output.

Unfortunately I am 1000's of k's from the bike right now (work in a remote area) but I do know that the headlight and tailight run off AC while the turn-signals/indicators and horn work off DC. One of the previous owners has added a capacitor after the reg/rec to smooth out the flow and has added a 12v plug for a GPS on the bars. I haven't had a chance to run any accessories off the DC side so I am unsure if the capacitor has the capability to "smooth" things out sufficiently for say a GPS or phone charger. I don't have a GPS right now, and the primary use of the 12v plug would be to charge my phone or iPod. Both of those charge with a USB type charger that puts out 5v DC. So, even at idle, I think they should be getting sufficient power. However, it may be that at idle/low rpm's the output fluctuates and this may cause charging chaos. In that case, I might wire up a battery in place of the capacitor.

Shibby - thanks for the input and list of what you are running with yours. I currently have LED signals, NO fan (I don't do much slow speed, high temp stuff - just desert/adventure riding) and no grip heaters (I'm in Australia, cold hands are the least of my worries). One of the PO's has added a larger, glass headlight lens and a 55/60W H4 light. It does dim a bit at idle, but at operating RPM's it seems to do just fine. I try not to ride at night ever (too many kangaroos/cows) but it can happen.

I think that when I get home in a few weeks from this shift, I'll spend a bit of time with a multi-meter and see what kind of output I'm getting. I'll report back
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