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Day 4 Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Don put his motorcycle in line for the ferry in the morning. Motorcycles go on first so they are at the beginning of the line. You can see by the number of motorcycles and cars in line that this is a pretty big ferry.

Once the ferry docked the motorcycles on the ferry were also the first ones off.

After all the motorcycles and cars were off the ferry, Don, the other motorcycles, and cars went on.

Once everyone was onboard then they closed up the ship and it started on its 2 hour ride to Tobermory on the Canadian mainland.

Then Don and the Chi Cheemaun sailed into the distance.

While Don was headed south, I headed north across the island back towards the bridge by Little Current. Here are some photos I took as I went across the island.

The rectangular item on an angle in the background is a bear-proof garbage can. I had to read the instructions the first time I tried to open it. I am pretty sure I would have figured it out eventually.

Once I got back on the mainland the terrain got rocker and hillier.

I could see storm clouds in the distance all morning and it was alternately overcast and sunny. By the time I got back to Espanola around 1:00 the sun was out and the weather was beautiful. While I was heading north into sunshine, Don was heading south into rain. Hopefully Don will post about his ride home on this report.

In Espanola I figured it would be my last meal in Canada as I should be in Michigan by dinner time, so I decided to eat like a Canadian. For lunch I stopped at Tim Hortons. Tim Hortons is a restaurant chain started by a hockey player and they are all over Ontario and I think most of Canada. They are will known for their coffee, donuts, bagels and as a place to get a quick sandwich or soup.

I took Provincial Highway 17 to Sault Ste. Marie and crossed into Michigan. I never got used to kilometers and one of the first things I did when I crossed back into the United States was switch the GPS back to miles mode.

It started to cloud up and right when I made it to Brimley State Park on Lake Huron it started to rain. I rushed through putting up the tent and as soon as I got it up, it stopped raining. Then the sky cleared, the sun came back out and it was a beautiful clear and cool evening.

For those of you that think Harleys are useless around a campground, here is photo of how I transported my firewood to the campsite.

One thing I didn’t mention is how much higher prices are in Canada. The United States dollar and the Canadian dollar have an exchange rate of almost 1 to 1 right now so it makes it easy to compare prices. Judging by the restaurants, motels, and the gas I bought, my impression is that Canadian prices are 20% or more higher than similar items in the United States.

In the Michigan State Campground at least 50% of the vehicles had Ontario license plates. My neighbor in the closest occupied campsite was from Ontario. Talking to him he said he lives not too far over the border and loves to come to Michigan whenever he can because everything costs so much less. He was a nice guy and gave me a beer. In Canada they usually refer to Molson Canadian beer as just a “Canadian.” When he give me a beer he said: “Here’s a good Canadian for a good American.” I thought it was a great line, and so did he.

279 miles for the day.
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