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I remember my Grandfather (Purple Heart recipient), talking about his WWI experiences in France while serving with the Army's First Inf. Div. ( Big Red One). He was a dog handler (K9), and lost his dog to a German bullet in an action. I was ten years old when he died (1963), but I'll always remember how highly he spoke of the Enfield rifle that he fought with. I also remember him talking about the German machine guns and artillery, and how afraid he was of them.

He never handled another firearm in his life after the war ended, though his son (my uncle), enjoyed deer/pheasant hunting in Western IA, a great deal.

I'm sorry that I can't be of help with the value of the rifle, but to my Grandpa, such a rifle may have saved his life. He was 19 yrs. old during WWI, and if I could own his actual rifle, I'd consider myself a very lucky and blessed man.

If these rifles could only talk......
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