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Originally Posted by Rinty View Post
I see you've had a lot of Pine Beetle kill in Northern B.C., too. Sorry about your Winnie. I think of motorhomes as airplanes: too many complex systems.
Over 18 million hectares affected so far... And agreed re: motorhomes, but it's not the complexity that let me down but the lack of use (being parked for 12 years.)

Originally Posted by manfromthestix View Post
Bummer about the Winnie, hope it didn't totally ruin your trip. My parents have been RVers for decades and literally every time they went anywhere with their truck+fifth wheel, something broke and they were stranded dealing with it for a while, plus the unanticipated $$$$. I had a small 17' travel trailer that I used for a hunting camp for years and that was fine, but I never ever had any interest in dragging that thing across the country. If I take a vehicle, it's my extended cab 4X4 truck with topper and futon bed built up on a platform above the wheel wells, with gear underneath, and a nice big tent for the kids/guests, motorcycles/kayaks/etc. on a flatbed trailer.

Tow your Winnie up to your favorite hunting area and set it up on blocks, then drive in to visit it once in a while!

Breakdowns only add to the adventure, though with four kids it might not be the kind of adventure you'd prefer. Once the kids are older it'll likely be Landcruiser and tents. I already have the sleeping platform, stove, icebox, and roof rack with the Cruiser. And I just got a free $850 tent from the North Face (because of a botched warrantee on a $25 pole; now that's product support!)

My favorite hunting area (with my limited time right now) is my yard, so I don't need Winnie for that, but she should still have enough life to drive (albeit at very low RPM) to the river and lake with the family. Anywhere I would stay overnight to hunt won't be accessible by vehicle, never mind a motorhome .

Originally Posted by riverman View Post
I have been following your most excellent RR Ben. Great job as usual! On a sidenote, I have been thoroughly enjoying my WR250R as well. Don't miss the KLR at all. Always great to see the paddling sidebars, as you know that is my other passion. Take care. The offer still stands if you ever want to do a trip east to NB.
Thanks for the kind words and the update on your R2. Glad you like it. I just may take you up on that offer some time, as my canoeing buddy just moved to Quebec and I have a brother/sister in law we need to visit there sometime.
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