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Originally Posted by Ragin Rabbi View Post
Amped up, knowing that anything can and does happen in the run up to the first corner, jockeying for position...

Frankly, I'm amazed it doesn't happen EVERY race.

And a driver can be killed at almost any point in the race.

What was it, two years ago? The Webber incident? Where was HIS race ban?

Hamilton vs. Alonso, pit entrance in China. No possible loss of life there? Indianapolis, Kubika vs. Kobiashi I believe? Race ban?

Sorry, he is a rookie, so they dog-piled him with a penalty.
Webber's wreck was not the result of irresponsible, reckless driving.

As this discussion shows, it can be hard to separate accident from carelessnes.

But in the real world, on such distinctions rest the difference between a messy accident... and prison time for manslaughter.

Someone has to make the judgment. The stewards and the FIA have done so. Time to move on.

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