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'Kin 'ell. Talking about deaths that didn't happen and manslaughter is a bit OTT.

Grosjean obviously believed that he had his pass on Hamilton done and dusted. He was lining up to try getting down the inside of Perez at La Source. He did move towards Hamilton quite sharply but that was before he was slightly ahead of the McLaren. Thereafter, the move was to line-up for the fast approaching apex.

Hamilton could have moved to the right earlier, though he didn't have to and Grosjean may have passed safely. That's just as likely as it is that someone might have been injured or worse.

After the impact between the Lotus and the McLaren, both drivers were mere passengers. It's not as if Grosjean went barrelling into those ahead intentionally.

It was an avoidable collision, just like many others that have occurred this and previous seasons. It looks as though Grosjean has been handed down an exemplary punishment simply because of the numbers of cars that became involved.

Had Grosjean and Hamilton had exactly the same collision on another lap when the field was spread and no other drivers were unlucky enough to be caught-up in it, would he have received a one race ban?

I doubt it. It would have been a ten place grid penalty at Monza.
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