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Originally Posted by fyrfytr View Post
Haven't checked in here in a little while, I've got a question for the mil-surp guys. Looking at a no 4 mk1 Enfield made by Savage, marked US Property. Is this any more or less desirable than a Brit or Aussie built example? And in good condition, what's a good price range? Thanks in advance.

I have one, the people that collct enfields all seem to have at least one....they round out the collection. They are lend-lease guns, but I bet you already know that....never issued to us troops.

Price....there are so many factors. First is condition, naturally....then it can vary greatly depending on where you are....if they are around they will go cheaper....if not expect to pay more. When I got my Type 99 I paid high....they just are not around in the mid west...but in talking to guys in AZ, CA, and other places on the west coast they are going pretty cheap. My rifle there would go for about $300 less then it will sell for here.

I bought my Enfield about two years ago for (IIRC) $400

Many of them got cut up to make hunting rifles....if the one you are looking at is as issued that is a HUGE plus.

If you are getting into other areas after dipping your toes in to milsurp area with 91/30's or something, do some reading and know what you are buying....not much risk with what you are looking at here....but fakes are EVERYWHERE.....people even fake the above "jungle carbine". Know as much as you can before you buy.
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