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Originally Posted by Pecha72 View Post
You think a WeeStrom might fall to bits off-road.. but you haven't ridden one....

I can tell you it's not a real off-road bike. It's more of a streetbike, but it is better off-road than a regular streetbike. Also has some advantages on very bad roads (that's what most RTW-riders do, they don't do real off-road much though there may be exceptions..)

The NC700X is still a step further towards the paved roads. But fully capable of going RTW I'm sure. And it seems to be the benchmark in fuel economy.
Pecha that's where you are wrong, I never said it might or might not, I said it 'could' (having never ridden one for a long duration) I also stated I'd never ridden one like many other posts here sounds like people actually haven't 'ridden' the NCX, a short test ride really doesn't count to get a good scope on it's abilities or practicalities :)

I did nearly buy a DL though... just preferred the NCX for my uses.

I think people have an obsession after watching Charley and Ewan of what an adventure bike should be, it should handle the road of bones, be capable of taking 100's of days worth of equipment the rest goes on the 4x4's ;)

I think an adventure bike is defined as what needs to require fulfilling, everyone needs and requirements change and differ, are you buying an 'adventure' bike because you plan to go around the world and dress it to do such or are you just riding to work or the shops for that matter?

There will never be just 'one' adventure bike because it will never cover everyone's needs. That's why I don't understand why people argue about such matters>? ;)
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