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Originally Posted by The_Commander View Post
Yeah, whatever. Clearly a fail when smoking after handing lead. Sure to make you VERY healthy and show the entire world just how much you've thought it all out.
We all have our vices. May be a bit cavalier of me but after all the Hazardous materials I've been around and War gases I've dealt with over the years, handling Pb is real low on my concern list. Right up there with worrying about getting gas on my hands.

Originally Posted by Juanjo_NY View Post
no to sound like a "fashion police" but the white socks turn me off.. I don't think I got to the part of the smocking!
Sorry, my crocks were at the cleaners. Left leg has a circulation issue from leg injury otherwise my ankle gets nice and swollen, so I try to wear calve height socks to keep it compressed a little. Lucky for me the fashion show isn't till the next video.
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