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Originally Posted by LukasM View Post
Sounds like the setup from Paul aka PW_Garfield, it uses a KTM ATV lense that fits into the stock 09+ headlight shroud. Haven't tried it but I like the other stuff that Paul makes.

Alternatively if you go the $$s, the Baja Designs Squadron LED with a dimmer is a bad ass setup with tons of light, very durable, light and compact. No ballasts and bulbs to fail, which is a common problem with some HID lights.

yes, that is it. i still haven't heard from my buddy, but some of you (and of course you LukasM, know of my buddy i'm talking about... Lost Rider)

his light is BRIGHT!!!

another friend has that LED Squadron light set up. and yes, it's bright, but not as bright as HID.... AND the light beam is not that great. there is no spot light, it's just bright and shoots light out everywhere. not great for street riding and off road it shoots too much off to the sides.
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