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Poured the walls today. Nothing went smooth, but in the end everything turned out well.

It rained the entire time- just enough to completely soak through every article of clothing (including boots- holy shit do I hate wet socks and wet boots).

The pump truck operator did a nice job and we seemed to get a good mix from the plant. We had 3 trucks for a total of 24 yards.

Right toward the end of the pour we had a minor blow out. NOT a huge deal, but it was a pain in the ass to fix. Just a minor oversight on my part. Live and learn. Rubbed my fingers raw getting it fixed (ICF guy's fingers look worse than mine!).

And then something weird happened- it set up FAST. We had a bitch of a time truing up the walls and finishing the tops. We didn't even get to put in rebar for the next level- couldn't get it in. We'll have to drill for it. I don't know why it set up the way it did, but it was completely unworkable after 1.5 hours. With all the other pours we had an easy and relaxed 3 hours of finishing time. Oh well. I'm lucky to have the ICF guy around- I would have been screwed on my own!

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. The GC takes over soon and we have less responsibilities at that point.
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