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Then there was eisenfaust from that built a pretty evil looking bobber out of the biggest peice of burnt salt rusted crap Sv you've ever seen for all in all I think $800 not including the bike he already owned and rescued from his parents burnt down house on the ocean.


Then there are just tons and tons of awesome builds on, the best part of the fighter theme is that you strip everything you can off of them, and upgrade what you can with stock parts of other bikes that will bolt on, usually those better parts come off dime a dozen sportbikes totalled out by complete squids when they are near new and are usually cheaper than what you can sell yours for to someone looking to restore or keep stock.

For instance I bought my 07 SV650 in 07 for $5600 otd, not bad for a naked Sv, only they did'nt tell me it was a sport with all the plastics, rode it for a month then found a guy on who crashed his and needed new parts, took off all the plastics/guages/headlights/forks and front wheel and sold it to him for a whopping $800, but thats still cheap compared to most, turned around and bought an 06 gsxr front end for $300, buell headlights and fairing for $85 "new from dealer", slip-on exhaust for $120, then a zx14 rear shock for $75 and had nearly enough left for a set of really good tires.

Basically got rid of all the crap I did'nt need, upgraded everything that was worth doing, and still had some cash left over.

Of course your experience will vary depending on the amount of stock parts you will be able to sell on ebay or a web forum, the supply vs demand for them, the cost of the parts you are looking to upgrade them with, and of course how much fitting and wrenching you can do yourself.
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