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Originally Posted by switchback View Post
Bought some Tyreshield last year. Unfortunately I have 3/4 of a bottle left and doubt I will use it again. I developed a serious imbalance in my front tire with no evidence that any wheel weights were lost. Can't confirm anything till I replace the tire in a few weeks but I suspect the goo. We will see what happens but may think the repair kit is the way to go for me in the future. I will provide an update when I can.
I suspect you'll find this:

I probably rode for a few thousand miles after the application. The balance slowly deteriorated over time, and it was fortunate timing as it became totally unacceptable at the same time as I needed to replace the tires anyway.

I found the clumps of "goo" inside the tire and what remained on the tire was not going to be effective in preventing a flat tire.

The installation instructions are clear....the tire must be dry and remain dry. And there was obviously moisture in the tire. I did not install the product when the tires were new, so there is a good possibility that the moisture was there at the time of installation. So I wrote it off as a learning experience.

My intent is not to slam the product, but to point out the effect of moisture. Will I use it again? Only if I could guarantee that my source of compressed air is always dry.
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