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I was just going to post up something in one of the many 950SE versus 950 Adventure S threads about getting one versus the other and as I was writing I basically answered most of my own questions so here is the conclusion. These are basically the conclusions of my typical complete over-analysis of trying to get to the bottom of the decision:

So we'll see but I think all of the above answers all of my own questions... Travis if there are any more comments/ thoughts on your side I'll continue to be all ears! Also, my neighbor Brett (wassup Brett/ PB32) just called and wants to get an Adventure and wants to talk to the guys who contacted me. So I'll have a buddy with an ADV not too far away and we can hopefully do some of the more street oriented riding together...
I would vote KTM Adventure with the extra suspension. I’m 6’4”, 185 lb with a desk job.

It’s a highly capable highway bike, good for hours and days of 80mph cruising, with extra uphill passing power. It’ll haul a passenger and her stuff. (mine has screw-studs protruding up through the passenger pegs for extra grip)

With a simple plywood flat-bed, it’ll haul a fishing rod and enough groceries, beer and gasoline for a couple days.

Add panniers for more comfort and range, but watch for trailside roots and rocks.

It is a bit heavier than a single-barrel dirtbike, but with nothing a little momentum (and one or two testicles) won’t solve. BTW, if the SE is 50 pounds lighter, that’s only about 10% including the protective gear.

I have tried many times to put the square peg in a round hole, but not much luck yet.

The BADB has always felt right at home.

Admittedly, it is not as fun as the 300 2-stroke in highly technical tight-n-twisties. But it’s honestly more fun and less tiring than a light bike for endless, nasty, rocky, narrow, steep, rough, jeep trails to hell, travelling 10 to 40 mph (and obviously way better than the 2-stroke on 50-60 mph dirt roads, 70 mph country roads and 90 mph freeways).

I’ve ridden solo quite a lot, and I can pick it up if it’s not too steep or slick. I sometimes use a strap over my shoulder for a better angle. It won’t turn around when pointed downhill down a singletrack – I sometimes stop, walk and look before riding on.

I prefer to not pick it up and try very hard to not drop it, but it is surprisingly drop-tolerant. I’ve broken a handguard and the upper half of a windscreen in 25 kmi and dozens of trail naps, thanks to the roll cage, skidplate and luggage rack (60 – 80 lb of worthwhile weight).

The stock windscreen is inadequate IMO. I had none of the buffeting everyone complains of, but plenty of bugsplat, wind noise, and gust jerks. So I built a simple larger screen which slides down for off-road. BTW, clear plastic is better. Although I’m usually on the pegs in the nasty, there’s an occasional need to see close-up objects while seated.

More photos...

Current bikes: '06 KTM 950 Adventure-S; '10 KTM 690 Enduro-R; '09 KTM 300 XCW - Plated
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