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Originally Posted by Apocalypse Cow View Post
Hey folks looking for some tips.

This past weekend I bought a set up to keg my Vanilla Porter and carbinate/dispense with a C02/Nitrogen mix. I would like to serve this beer this coming Saturday. Some of the forums I have read state that they carbinate for a coupled days at a certain pressure and then serve at another.
Does anyone have any experience with this and could you tell me what pressures I should be setting my reg at? This is my first attempt and I would like to get it correct.

I've never worked with Nitrogen and don't know anyone who has.
That said, I keg 90% of the beer I make, only usually bottling a six-pack or so of each batch to save for later, unless I brew a batch specifically for bottling (I usually do a batch of porter for this purpose every couple months).

The instructions I've followed for kegging are:
Keg the beer (I use Corny Kegs).
Attach to the gas at 30 psi for 24 hours in the fridge. Release the gas. Let re-pressurize. Check the beer. It's usually not carbonated enough.

Release the gas from the keg. Turn the regulator to 20 psi for 24 hours. Release the gas and check again. It's usually good to drink, if not perfect. Another day or so will improve it, but you can drink it at this point.

Midwest recommends turning it to 10-12 psi from that point for serving going forward, but I've found the beer to be
too foamy. (I also had a shitty regulator that I just replaced, which could have been part of the issue). I've been keeping it at 8-9 psi now for this current batch, with the new regulator, and it's just about perfect. Not sure if Nitrogen makes a difference, but it well might. I'm currently drinking a Stout I made a couple weeks ago, and it's excellent.
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