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oh, history...

Originally Posted by Double Moo View Post
2wheelust... Couldn't hear your swearing over my own...

Cocksuckers... Got a call from the Weber County Sherrif dept today, informing me that our home above Huntsville had been burgled. I immediately checked here to see if I missed out on a Monte Cristo ride with you fat fucks... No such luck, so it must be some other cocksuckers.

They helped themselves to my HDTV flat screen, oh yeah take the Xbox while you're at it - can't play it without the TV anyway. Help yourselves to my Henkel kitchen knive set too... Don't need to cook since you cleaned out the cupboards of food. The blankets and pillows were only needed some times, I won't miss them. Help me understand why you took an unopened case of toilet paper, a case of Top Ramen, my old Carhart jacket, a case of bottled water... And 3 of my four camp chairs - didn't want the full set? And why take the wireless receiver for the rear speakers to the surround sound... But not the sending unit and remainder of the set?

Between me and the insurance it's all replaceable. Fortunately my trail cam got photos of the fucktards liberating it all for the house... Unfortunately the photos are not clear enough to identify to cockholsters ( term stolen from this site).

So all you fuckers can come up anytime to sit in the jacuzzi and sip some beers, now that the TV is gone so is the porn. Bring your own ass wipe as I am nearly out.

Just for the record I had knee surgery on Friday so was unable to make it up to the house for the long weekend... But got to clean up all afternoon today anyway. Need to catch these dirt bags...

a sage said that where wealth exists, so will plunder...

(probably by people trying to feed their kids) shameful indeed. I do hope the poor rug rats that belong to said burglar got something more nutritious than 7-11 food for such a haul, but probably just traded for a huge bag of meth..

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