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Originally Posted by Ford_Prefect View Post
I have read a lot of guys who really prefer the SOFT bags for that concern. Have you thought about just going with some wolfman bags? They are strong and water tight. Also you could think of doing this...

He put all of the footman loops on to give him multiple tie downs, without adding much weight to the bike at all. He says it works out really very well for him and he can pack a lot of crap on that bike.

Just a thought for you to ponder.
Thanks i really like the wolfman side panniers

and the extra fuel storage because i have the original small tank

but I'm still considering the happy trails system with hard aluminium boxes because of the locking option
i spent a year backpacking south america and i know how quick some peoples hands can be.

caribou boxes are also an option

maybe i might try to have the soft panniers as sides and a hard box on top?

Im hoping i can find someone to help fit the frame which is available for the XR650L im not familiar with the differences of frame from the XL600R.
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