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OK I'll try this again... had a long response all typed up and lost it all again.
I was still sruggling to focus on wether I could do the RR properly and not get taken out of theeee "moment" too far. I would meet tons of awesome people and puuurrty girls but felt like asking for a picture broke our connection, so I pulled back a bit and just went with the flow.
Was also gonna write this in third person as an observer which I tried to be as I wove myself through the tapestry of the Northwest, using pearl jams Man Of The Hour as my theme and call myself.... The MOTH.

Guess I'll keep most of those thoughts to myself and just put up pictures.......

Things move pretty fast through here as I was just WFO all across the plains on I-90 till I hit Whitewood which is just past Sturgis. Then I cut up across Hwy 34 to Bell Fourche and 212 taking the cut off towards Billings, ya hit the tip of Wyoming also.

I pass the Badlands Scenic byway Loop and near Deadwood the Blackhills National Cemetery...

Puts a few more thoughts into my mind as I stare into the distant expanse of roving thunderheads...

Late in the afternoon I finally start to hit some of the only rain I'll see in months...

I pull into a fuel stop in Alzada 9pmish and meet Carol... this turns into an hour and a half talk/romance and a deli dinner for me.
She's gett'n a pile a books too... this pic just doesn't do all her Beauty justice at all.

Then a late night stop at a Denny's in Billings where my suweeeet waitress Chellie lets me sleep in the back corner of the dining room until just before the manager comes in a few hours later, keeping me from waisting time and money on a Motel.
Beautiful but no pic..... it's hit and miss on the PGOD pics for a while:/
Next day its Montana cattle country beauty smacking me in the face..... aaaaaaaaaah!

Hmmm what is this...

aaah bucha old sleds...

Next thing ya know I'm getting off the super slab in Coeur d' Alene and after hearing some light engine noise at the first stoplight, doin' a quick oil change at a local Wallyworld where I see some of the cleanest oil (with no metal in it lol) that I've ever seen after such a hard WFO push as Desiree' had just put in for me. Using mineral oil again with Zinc in it...
Then we turn North toward Diamond Lake and my first Rally, where I'll meet some new friends from the forums and a couple I met last year. Also Becky is living back up this way who I met last fall in Starbuck... havta stop in and give her a hug.

I pull in... say high and party late into the night... in the morning I wake up with the tent right in the middle of all the bikes parking area.
It was too late to pick a good spot sooo I just threw down after the fire died out.

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