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Originally Posted by dvwalker View Post
Speaking of pics, so what if my trip pictures were taken with a point-and-shoot that didn't have geotagging?

This is slightly off topic from of all things Montana, but I stumbled on a BC (Win) feature that quickly Geotag's each of your non-Montana photos using a recorded track. Works best if your camera clock and Montana clock were somewhat in sync. Also best if pictures are organized into separate file folders that align to tracks (ie, trip1\day1, trip1\day2, etc). Simply highlight a track and select "Geotag Photos Using Track...". BC will auto-geotag each picture in the folder by matching the create timestamp with the track timestamp. There's options to "Import photo into BC after geotagging" and set an timeshift offset adjustment if the GPS and camera clocks were not exactly in sync. Suggest doing the geotag prior to creating an Adventure. Big time saving and slick feature....

Not really non Montanna since the 600 doesn't have a camera. Well this gets even better and better. I've got an iPhone app that is supposed to do something similar. Puts a geotag to a picture when you load both the file and the pics up in Lightroom. Problem is, it eats up the battery on the iPhone and doesn't work that well.
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