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Originally Posted by jdgretz View Post
I took a look at the EXIF data for those shots and can tell you that he used 1/250 sec. exposure time with f6.3 (aprature priority) on a 200mm lens connected to a Canon 5D Mark II

The moon reflects a lot of light - longer exposures are not always better. That might be a good starting point for your experimentation. Also, any of the EOS series can do either an average light meter reading, or a spot meter reading (actually several more settings as well) which help the camera determine how much light is needed for a particular shot.

Good luck. Moon shots are beautiful but take a bit of work to finally find what works best for your camera (you'll notice I've not posted any )

one quarter of a second... no wonder mine were all over-exposed... I guess it'll be a loooooooong time before I even dare thinking about posting a moon picture here...

Thank for your kind help

Now, if I could only understand where you were able to find the Exif data... I can't see it under properties, not even after downloading the pic to my computer... another noob question, I know but if you don't ask...

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