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Thanks for the suggestions about shavings. I'll have service guys check it out. I am NOT mechanically adept. And I've gotten worse with age.

No visible Codes/warning beacons, and odometer seemed to be working properly.

If I had been on my GS I would have just motored on along until I got home and had the garage space and time to fool with things. I'm familiar enough with how that bike runs and handles that I really don't care about the speedo except to avoid counseling about my driving habits from highway patrol officers. On the other hand, this rig is very new to me still and I'm not comfortable enough with my ability to judge speed or make corning adjustments on the fly, so to speak.

Re sway bar: I don't want to get in the middle of a "How to Build a Sidecar Rig" discussion with Jay and Claude and Dave Hannigan. I talked with Jay a couple of times about sway bars and it was clear he sees no need for them and has no interest in building one.

On the other hand, both Claude and Dave pretty much insist on putting sway bars on dual-sport rigs for on-road use. Claude says no need to disconnect it unless I get into really gnarly stuff. I don't intend to do that. I'm not skilled enough to run the TAT or Black Dog. FWIW, Boondox really liked the handling improvements he experienced going from a Hannigan sway bar to one of Claude's.

I figured it was easy to have one on and then remove it if I didn't like it. So far, I believe that it helps the rig's stability, particularly in corners. Just my opinion, and I reserve the right to change my mind. :-)
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