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agree with review and more

Still have just enough in me to handle a big beasty and had to have one Guz before my riding days are done - so - the Stelvio NTX came set up just like I like. The final thought before purchase was; am I ready for the kind of committment the big Guz would need. I'd ridden some of the 70s models and they were truly of a different nature. So here we go. Got mine on June 26 and had to park it about sixteen days while I rode my KLX in the U. P. of Michigan and my BMW R1200R to the MOA national. I adopted Rose Farm Classics as my dealer and they are the best. So now my trusty Guz has almost 13,000 miles on it and I just love the big horse. Half of my miles were on a 17-day loop ride from NW IL to BC, Taho, CO and back to IL. While up in BC I had a chance to do the kind of mild "non-paved" riding I'm comfortable with and the Guz was totally confidence inspiring. All the things in the review are spot on and it has the best ergonomics for me of any bike I've had.

I've had no big technical issues but there seems to be room for improvement in a few areas. Both of the brackets that attach the accessory running lights fractured within the first 4,000 miles. Replacents are on back order. While on my long ride, both of the mirrors fractured just where the shaft goes into the mirror/signal light assembly within the first 8,000 miles. I used gorilla tape to get home and the dealer had two new ones waiting for me when I got back. However, I'm concerned that with the signal lights contained within the mirror assembly adding weight and perhaps a critical weak point in its construction, in conjunction with some pretty severe vibration at the ends of those big bars, this will be a chronic failure due to design weakness. Thus an improvement is needed since both of the mirrors failed in exactly the same way. My plan is to work with Guzzi on this as I pile on the miles and should get lots more testing in.

I also compare my Stelvio to a BMW but its not a GS but rather the R1200R. They seem to compliment each other as I appreciate the lighter, smoother, more refined aspects of the R more and also love how my grin widens in such a big way when I get back on the Guz.
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