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Eek Day 10 New Shoes and Mudslides

Well after the very long day I woke up in my Hotel room and for the first time almost dreaded getting back on the bike. I walked outside and wanted to move the WR closer to my room. As soon as I started up and backed her out a smile went across my face, alright it was going to be another great day I suppose.

The night before I had researched the tires for my bike as my rear tire was almost bald at this point. I was going to walk into the Yamaha dealer and tell the proprietor “Please sir I would like the Dunlop 606 please and he would remove them from his vast collection of tires”. The reality was more to the effect of hummm what do we have that will fit your bike in stock ahhh the Trail wings, here you go.

I found Steve’s sports Center in Great Falls and these guys were great! Super friendly and everyone there seemed happy to be there, this is what I envisioned a bike shop to be. I asked for a favor if I could get squeezed in as quick as possible and they told me they treat travelers first. Boom right in for a new tire and oil change. They even let me watch them do the work in the shop in hopes I could learn something. I really like watching people who know what they are doing. Jake was the mechanic on bike and he was big into backcountry riding and camping as well. Nice guy and I cant recommend this place enough truly a pleasure to visit.

With a new shoe on the WR I was off to Glacier national park to ride the famous Highway to the sun. I told the guys in the shop and they said it was closed because of a mud slide. WTF? Really? a little check of the internet and sure enough a large section was closed but some was open, o well. I am headed there anyhow. Some long stretches of road with crazy wind blowing me around and the 75MPH speed limit is not fun on the WR in head winds.

When entering Blackfeet Indian reservation there was a pretty cool sculpture made out of old car parts, you can also see how bad the wind was as well. Maybe not an issue on a bike bike but brutal on the WR.

When I get to Glacier I go to several camping spots and everyplace is full, I even went to the primitive out of the way ones only to find them full as well. I eventually went to a KOA which are usually the worst and this one was crazy full. Even the gal working there said she had never seen it that full commenting it looked like a refugee camp. Much to my surprise the tent camping spot #13 was very secluded and felt much like any other State Park. Here are a few teaser pics of the park. No real milage for today as the GPS again ran tracks together .

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