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Hi Guys,
I've been on the road working for the past week, but things are stil progressing. Lot's of packages with new shiny bits are arriving! Right now I am staring at a pile of parts ready to be bolted onto the bike. But I'm not going to let my enthusiasm get the best of me just yet. I'm going to hold off until I get my suspension back from Superplush, so I can work on a rolling chassis instead of balancing precariously on the skid plate like I'm doing now.

Nonetheless, there are a few small jobs I can get done. Today I thought it would be smart to get some new cables ordered so I'm not waiting on them when I'm ready to ride. With taller handlebar mounts installed by the PO, the stock clutch cable was pulled tight. To gain some length, it was incorrectly routed behind the coolant hose on the left side of the engine. You can see the fraying that took place. Obviously this cable would let go when you are mathematically the farthest distance from civilization on some single track riding along at night, I don't know how the cable knows when to break, but they all know to cut loose when you are most vulnerable. Let''s replace this accident waiting to happen...

Re-routing the hoses and getting them lengthened 3.5 inches should solve that problem! Of course, the push/pull throttle cables and compression release could use some length too.

Below, cables labeled ready to ship to Motion Pro. Fortunately, Motion Pro already had the templates and they said my originals weren't needed! Saves me time and shipping costs! I have all four new cables coming, all lengthed 3.5 inches as well as a spare clutch cable.

That's it for now. My workshop is filling up with boxes of XRR parts including a new skid plate, Acerbis 6 gallon, steal subframe, BD La Paz 8 inch HID light, FMF stainless headers, Ricky Stator, and on and on...
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