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You are either incredibly gifted, have a very understanding wife or have cajones the size of soccer balls. I've been to the exact spot you were camped enough to know that was a crazy ass ride in the dark or any time. Enjoy it now as the future will change with baby. Did you ride alone up there? AWESOME. I'm assuming you carry some sneakers as part of your emergency gear? Wait, you have the "luck o' the irish" on your side. Keep it up. Gonna try for Klone Peak tonight if I get my work finished for the day. Did ya see all of us crazy bowhunters this weekend? I hope everyone behaved themselves. I've always bowhunted, but a lot of the guys I meet bowhunt as they can't carry guns anymore, if ya know what I mean. Was the trail clear of trees? Sorry if you get 2 posts, BTW. My laptop burped during reply submission.
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