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Originally Posted by Vico1 View Post
My 530 was getting about 45mpg at best. My 5 hunny is getting 58 to 63 depending on ride...(63 being best so far measured at pump by filling back up to full)...

I have longer legs than anyone I ride with so I just wait for them to yell NO MAS
Now that's odd,I ride with a friend on a 2012 EXC500,he can get around 50mpg if were not riding too hard,about the same as my 530 does,although his bike boils over on every tight trail we ride on,hes had it remapped a couple times,it runs great!
Mine has yet to boil water out of the radiator riding the same trails. I can go 200 miles on the 4.2 gallon Safari tank on it,that's really about far enough on any sort of gnarly trails/jeep roads.

Somewhere around 14 to 1 air/fuel mix is where a bike runs best at,doesnt matter if its FI or carbed. Yet yours gets 63 mpg at times,that's flat amazing. There are more then a few dirtbikes with FI out there,I dont remember any saying they get 13 or 14 mpg better with FI,my little truck surely doesnt get much better mileage with FI.

Sounds like you got a good one!
Some bikes around at times
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