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Originally Posted by Boon Booni View Post
I fully agree, think everyone should have run and crowded around the injured people. Lots and lots of rubberneckers as up close and personal to an injured person is exactly what is needed. Preferably packed in so close that that they all can help. I find that what is needed is more people, someone to pull their helmet off, someone to tell them not to pull the helmet off, someone else to move them around, another person to tell them to stand up, and another one to tell them to lay down. Hopefully we can get enough people "helping" that we can suck up all the oxygen.

Since you're so sure that no one called 911 and that no one was offering help, I'm sure that the guy next in line was a doctor and his wife is an RN, and the guy behind him is a dentist, and the guy next is the "can you hear me now" guy from Verizon, so everyone is pretty much covered so why not snap a photo or two?
Originally Posted by Boon Booni View Post

If I can help I will, if I can't I'm not going to try.

As for blaming a photog for taking photos instead of "helping" because someone is "sure" that no one has done anything.

Okey Dokey. Next time either of you crash I hope someone is there to get pictures so your pain and suffering can be gawked at by a bunch of strangers on the internet. Nothing like deriving entertainment from other people's pain. Hey, while we're at it, why not a photo sequence of their children when they get informed of their parents injuries! That'd be a fucking hoot! Even better, what if someone DIES! Wow, a fucking gold mine! We can do the reveal to the grieving family, the sobbing people graveside, there's no end of entertainment value!

Yeah, fine, maybe he couldn't have helped them, but he certainly could have showed a little respect to their pain and suffering.
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