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Originally Posted by DRTBYK View Post
I too could live with the Map Data Field Dashboard crash but I currently do not recommend v4.40 unless you just want to play with the Adventures feature. This release has turned my Routing into very unreliable code. Up till the install of v4.40 I have had no issues with the Routing on the Montana since the v4.30 update. I have posted several repeatable issues to the Montana Team but will wait until I hear back from them to discuss further since I was not able to isolate the cause in the unit or the data.

I was able to elicit the crash. I actually went back to v4.20. Leaving for M10 in 2 days. Mother brothers. That was close.

Dear Garmin,
I hate you, (I love you), I hate you... if you'd have called 4.40 a beta release, all would be forgiven, but noooo..... therefore:

Massive thanks to the usual suspects for the heads-up, and the easy access to the 4.20 file, and clear instructions for the downgrade. Deep breath. Everything's gonna be allright. I think I threw up there a little bit for a second.
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