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Originally Posted by AZbiker View Post
Have you ever bothered to think that maybe at some point those photos could be used in an accident reconstruction?

From beginning to end, the photos encompass maybe 5 seconds.

But you naturally assume that after the photos were taken that the photog didn't put the camera down and start assisting at the scene. From what I've read on this thread, that is totally not the fucking case.


That road is a public place. What the photogs are doing is not against the law.

Better not let the police take photos of a crime scene, because I guaran-damn-tee you those pics will end up on the internet.

Whassamatta, has babby never seen a gore thread on an image board?

Welcome to the internet.
Yeah, that's a real tricky accident reconstruction. Hmm, two bikes, each facing different directions, in one lane. If the cops need photos for an accident reconstruction they need a new line of work.

No, it's not against the law, but it's pretty hard on common decency. It is against the law for police to release crime scene photos.

Flip it around, someone could have died in that accident. 1500lbs of motorcycle sliding around can do some damage.

So, it's you, you are hurt, maybe dead (broken ribs can do a lot of internal damage). And your pictures end up on the internet because some unscrupulous photog thinks they entertaining. And your kids, or your widow, or your parents see it. Welcome to the internet.
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