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I've been an environmental geologist doing cleanups of our polluted groundwater for almost 30 years now and when I ponder what we humans have done in the name of "development" it makes me so sad. I don't really consider myself an "environmentalist" in the strictest sense of the word, I like to think I'm more a "conservationist" - I drive a 4X4 truck, ride a motorcycle just for fun, sometimes even use plastic garbage bags. But in all of that I try to keep in mind where all those resources came from, who and what was or will be affected by my use of them, and what happens to them when I'm done using them. In my small way I try to make a difference while still living as a human being in a modern age. In my career I've seen a lot of horribly contaminated, mined out, utterly "developed" areas but I'm happy to say I think enough of us get it now that we are making positive progress in many arenas.

That was an outstanding video... Thanks, Ben!

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