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only 70' high

Originally Posted by Deadly99 View Post
In a nutshell the TCAT is finished

Thanks Step. The second last puzzle piece solved

How did you not mention the rotting, 70 foot high, no guard rail, old train bridge.

or the cool looking tunnel ?

Thanks again, that was one part of the Ontario section that was bugging me. Lots of spots where pavement is utilized on the route but that stretch of highway (between NorthBay and Sudbury) is long and boring. The old rail line looks perfect

I'll upload and post your pics soon...
I did say there is a high bridge but it is 12' wide and it is not rotting just some holes etc in it. But don't worry the locals burn out the bad parts and replace it with birch trees . As for the tunnel oops well kinda cool. Like I said I was kinda blasting through it to get home and if i knew it was going to be that quick then I would have taken more time and notes etc... Still better then 17

And Ted thanks
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