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Day 6 Thursday, August 16, 2012

I woke up to a light rain today. Looking at the sky it didnít look good. My original plan for today was to take a ride up north of Petoskey on highway M119 which is known as the ďTunnel of Trees.Ē This stretch of road goes along the shore of Little Traverse Bay and Lake Michigan and is supposed to be very scenic. I was also planning on going to lunch at Leggs Inn in Cross Village. I have never been to Leggs Inn and it is highly recommended. But, I donít really enjoy riding in the rain and it seems a waste on a scenic road. So I decided to stay at the campground and do some reading and see if the weather improved.

It was still over cast but the rain let up for a little later in the morning so I made a run to McDonalds for some Egg McMuffins.

If there was any doubt that this was a motorcycle campground, check out the horseshoes.

When I checked into the campground yesterday I only paid for one night. I wanted to see how the campground was before I paid for two nights. They have a decent bathroom with hot showers and I was happy with the campground. About the only drawback is that it is right off of U.S. 31 so you get some traffic noise at night. But if it is just a rider on a motorcycle Cycle-Moore charges $7.00 per night! This was by far the best deal of the whole trip.

So I went to the shop to pay for the second night. The weather was still lousy so I decided to look around the shop. The whole back of the shop is full of old motorcycles. I didnít see any of this the first day when I checked in and probably wouldnít have seen it today if I werenít trying to kill time.

They had some great bikes. The motorcycles are packed in together so it was hard to get good photos of them, but here are a few photos.


1948 Excelsior 125 Villers

1953 BSA M-20 Flat Head

I had never heard of a Cooper.

I donít believe I ever heard of a Lilac either; here are some photos of this unusual machine.

It continued to rain on and off most of the day so I ended up hanging out at the pavilion as I got tired of reading in the tent. There was a group of around 15 Gold Wing riders in camp and I spent some time talking with them. In the early evening the weather finally started to clear up. Then 3 riders came in riding 45 cubic inch flat head Harleys. I am not sure of the years but I think they ranged from 1939 to 1944. I had heard them leave in the morning but I didnít realize what bikes they riding.

I was so impressed. I have seen a lot of old bikes on display but these guys were not only riding them but taking a trip on them! They were from Kalamazoo, Michigan which is about 200 miles south of the campground. They said they had also been to the Upper Peninsula on their trip. Today they were out riding all day in the rain on these bikes. I just love it that these guys restored these bikes to be ridden and took them on a trip like this. Unfortunately I donít remember their names and l wish I would have taken a picture of them actually riding the bikes.

Except for going out to eat when the rain let up I didnít do any riding today and the weather was bad. But it still turned out to be a very interesting and enjoyable day. I put on a grand total of 22 miles today.

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