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Originally Posted by MotoMusicMark View Post
I'm doing some research on what would be more helpful to know at a person’s start in motorcycling versus learning it over years in the "school of hard knocks".

Things like..."Don't transport a bike on the centerstand. It might break the frame". or "Standing up on the pegs or at least putting more pressure on them makes the bike less top heavy and better to control at low speed".

Could you help my research by answering the following question...”What did you wish someone told you about motorcycling when you first started out?”

Thanks. Mark Tillack
Brinkhaven, OH(USA)
I am still working my way through this thread, so please forgive me if it has been said before: -

Along with other techniques, when riding a gravel road (especially loose gravel) I tend to use higher RPM (lower gear) than I would on a hard surface. The gyroscopic effect of the crankshaft/rotating mass tends to stabilise the bike indepenently from the tyre contact.
The bike will still tend to move around a bit but will feel and be a lot more stable.

P.S. This works on a lateral crankshaft configuration. I have limited experience with a longitudinal crankshaft configuration in the loose but the result may be similar. Any R/K series BMW riders out there may be able to add their experience.
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